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We make your dream trucks, trailers and 
your dream special buses. 
We're just manufacturing only custom design.

The production of our company, which has international ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality certificates, is realized with CE guarantee certificate. We are anywhere in the world...

A1- Custom Design Semi Truck Trailers Some Product List

Caravan RV Mobile Home Truck Trailer We built the world's largest caravan. Campers Travel Trailers Trailer Travel Camper Small Trailer Truck biggest Camper Rv manufacturer Turkey

Mobile Showroom Truck Trailer We built the world's largest mobile showroomTruck Trailers in Turkey. mobile clinic, mobile workshop, mobile entertainment, mobile workshop, advertisement stand custom mobile showroom and roadshow trailers sports events, outdoor events,mobile marketing,mobile showroom,mobile advertising projections

We built the world's largest mobile medical trailers in Europe, for CT,MRI, PET, Mammography, audiology, Dental Clinic, Mobile Hospitals. Customized Truck Mobile Hospital. Mobile Clinic Vehicles .

We supply mobile stage billboard advertsing trucks and advertising trailers Open Add Trailer Trailers Mobile Marketing Mobile Advertising promotion communications truck trailers in Turkey

Custom Semi Trailer Design We design and deliver custom trailers worldwide we can design a custom trailer right to your specification and have it built to order. special custom built trailer solutions. Turkey...

Custom built technological Truck Trailer solutions in Turkey. Emergency Mobile command Com Center and scene lighting. Custom design Trucks for Immediate delivery

A2- Custom Design Semi Truck Trailers Some Product List

Our field office trailers provide a private, comfortable working area with excellent visibility. These mobile field Office trailers also feature a desk, plan racks, plan tables, and overhead shelves. Heat and air conditioning options ensure employee comfort in all weather conditions.

Our mobile advertising trailer is statistically much better for promotions, advertising and marketing and political campaigns best solutions. We are supply Mobile Billboard trailers, advertising trucks, political campaign vehicles mobile stages and different truck advert solutions.

We design and deliver Mobile Classroom Training Trailers in Turkey. Whether you want a basic-yet-versatile mobile classroom, a welding training trailer, or a computer education trailer, our specialty Trailers can make it happen. We produce training trailers in different models for the education of rural areas, immigrants and children.

Mobile stage trailer truck products in Turkey. Attractive and effective ways to your customers WİTH mobile stage truck . We produce many different models. stage,mobile folding stage,concert stage,wooden stage,movable stage, plexiglass stage, assembled stage, foldable stage.

Mobile Systems Inc is a supplier of military. Military shelter trailers, Army Saharan kitchens, mobile command trucks, etc. They are leading our Military Vehicle Solutions.

Search and rescue and manufacture of emergency response trucks. Emergency response restrooms and showers trailers for disaster relief. Emergency Response, Fire Truck disaster vehicles manufacturing in Turkey

B1- Custom design special manufacturing (some) coach buses product List

Custom Design Bus Conversion . Custom made buses business and luxury design bus manufacture and conversion Turkey

EMS Medical Bus Ambulance build and travelling hospitality buses manufacture. Medical disaster buses manufacturer. Custom desgin clinic bus manufacturing

Luxury coach Bus vip bus design Turkey. Business luxury VIP buses custom made and conversion company

Promotional Bus design and producer. Custom made promotion bus creative bus ads advertisement buses manufacture TURKEY

Motor home Bus conversion RV buses camper caravan bus made and interrior design Turkey. "bus motorhome" with in Campervans & Motorhomes

Special Purpose Buses Election campaign bus. List of special-purpose-bus companies Turkey. Made in Turkey custom special bus manufacturer

B2- Custom design special manufacturing (some) coach buses product List

Health EMS Clinic Bus medical buses manufacture in Turkey. Bus medical units provide healthcare buses solutions.Travelling  public health clinics emergency bus production

Travelling training Bus made and conversion Turkey. first class luxury Business Training Bus manufacturer Educational Buses design

Mobile Branch Office Bus Mobile Office Buses maker and designer Turkey. The best luxury travelling mobile business office bus producer

Vip Business Buses design and build Turkey. Mobile Business Buses VIP Motorcoach Conversions specialize in business bus plans

Mobile Bank Buses a travelling bank bus makes in Turkey. Busbank solutions custom design banking service bus production

Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Making Turkey. Manufacture of open-top buses. Opening the top of the buses. City bus manufacturer

Proje Mobil Special purpose bus and truck trailer conversion & modification factory

The production of our project construction company, which has international ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality certificates, is realized with CE guarantee certificate. We are producing special project vehicles in our Ankara Center and Bodrum manufacturing factory. In our factory, we design and produce the most special event, organization, Technology, Promotion, it special design commercial vehicles in Europe and rent them all over the world..

Proje Mobile Ltd. Co.
Custom Design Bus And Truck Trailer Manufacturing Factory
Ortakent Yahsi Mahallesi, Kocatas Cd. No:57 (48420 ) Bodrum Mugla - TURKEY

Information: +90.850.888 88 99
Factory : +90.252.358 77 40
WhastApp : +90.542.676 22 22 
Mobile phone : +90.542.676 22 22 



Istanbul: +90.542.676 22 22
Ankara  : +90.532.282 80 04 
İzmir     : +90.542.440 89 08 

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